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Legal Agreement Templates

Looking for legal agreement templates? Find out everything you need with legal document templates here!

Legal Agreement Templates are documents or forms that contain formats of how a legal agreement should look like. The templates contain general information, with no particular subject in mind and are meant to aid in the drafting of a legal document between the parties getting into an agreement. Legal Agreement documents typically contain all the parts of official or formal contract. Templates of these agreements contain all the major parts of the Legal Agreement documents, excluding the details that have to be filled or added by the parties entering the contract to personalize it into a particular legal agreement. Simply put, agreement templates act as a guideline for preparing the final legal agreement.

Legal agreement templates are generally drafted by advocates or lawyers and can be easily found online on relevant sites. They are well formatted to ensure that people have the right information when preparing the final agreement. The templates can be downloaded as Microsoft Word or Excel documents as well as Adobe PDF documents. However, unless one is sure that the site providing the agreement templates is legit, it is important to take the particular template to a qualified attorney to verify that it is genuine before using it in order to avoid complications and disappointments in future.

What to look for in Legal Agreement Templates

As mentioned earlier, legal document templates will generally contain the basic information that legal documents for free are made of, excluding the details that need to be added by legal agreement templatesparties entering the agreement.

Legal Agreement Templates will typically have the following sections:

  • Legal agreement # (legal agreements are usually numbered and the templates have a section for the number as well.)
  • Particulars of the parties entering the agreement. i.e. their names in full.
  • Purpose for entering the agreement (it could be a lease agreement, sale agreement, employment agreement, tenancy agreement, cohabitation agreement, settlement agreement, non-disclosure agreement, etc)
  • Agreement date (the date when the agreement was signed)
  • Agreement commencement date and ending date (this agreement is valid from …. Until….)
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement. This section explains what is expected of the parties entering the agreement in terms of nullification, breach of contract, provisions for agreement extension and other relevant information.
  • Signatures of parties entering the agreement.

The availability of legal documents and templates online has made it very convenient for companies and people who are in constant need of legal documents for their day to day transactions. Some of the websites and online centers, where people can find free legal documents online and legal agreement templates include,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more. These websites and legal online centers are dedicated to availing the legal documents and agreement templates freely to the public. Some of the sites deal with specific agreement documents and templates, while others simply provide general agreement templates.

Advantages of free online legal documents and legal agreement templates

One can easily get the documents anytime they need to as long as they have a computer and access to the internet.
Time saving
Saves time that could have been spent arranging for meetings and commuting to meet with legal advisors or lawyers just to get the legal documents or templates needed.
Cost effective
Legal firms generally charge a fee for legal documents and templates. The availability of the documents and templates free of charge provides a great way for people to get what they need and save some money in the process.

Once downloaded, the templates can be saved on the computer for future use, printed and customized to suit the agreement transaction at hand. If unsure of a particular template or document, it is important to seek legal counsel before using it although most of the legal websites are genuine and have documents and templates prepared by licensed lawyers and advocates. Whatever business or transaction one is involved in, personal or commercial, if it requires that he or she enters some sort of agreement to make it official, then it is important that a legal agreement document is put in place. These documents help people to avoid a lot of complications possibly with the FTC or BBB that may arise in future due to misunderstandings. Legal agreement templates are available to help people prepare the kind of document needed to make their agreement official.

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