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Find free legal documents online here at Legal Document Templates!

Getting free legal documents online saves you time and money. You can download and print templates, and in some cases you may be able to type information directly into the template prior to printing. There are several websites you can use if you are looking for legal document templates online.

Top Sites For Free Legal Documents

Lawsmart offers a wide variety of free legal documents for customer use. Whether you are looking for topics related to family law such as marriage or divorce documents, estate planning documents, or bankruptcy petitions and forms, you will find what you are looking for here.

Lawsmart has all its legal documents separated into categories on the side of the home page. Simply click on the category of law you are interested in to get a full list of related free legal documents onlinedocuments. Click on the check box on the side of each document you are interested in and click on the green button marked “Add documents to my account” at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to download all the documents you have selected. You need to register with in order to download documents, but registration is completely free.

Find Forms
Find Forms has free legal documents as well as legal documents for sale on its website. You have to be somewhat careful because the free forms on this site have not been written by attorneys. You should double check with an attorney before using these forms to ensure that they are valid forms in your state.

To access free legal documents on this website, click on the category that you are interested in on the home page. This will take you to another page that is dedicated to that area of law. You’ll see a list of forms in a box on the right hand side of this page. Some forms are titled “Free <name of form>.” These are the free legal forms. Click on the link for a free legal form in order to open it in a new browser window, where you can print it. If the form does not have the word “free” in front of it, it is not a free legal document and you will have to pay to access it. You do not have to register with this site in order to access documents.

Documents are displayed in a gray box when you click on the link for them. There is also a link to the official version of the form, which is not free. To print the form, you must print the webpage that houses the form and cut the form out with a pair of scissors.

If you are interested in getting documents from Find Forms, take a visit over there and check it out.

All About Law
All About Law offers over 2,000 legal documents for free in various areas of law. Documents are arranged by categories on the home page. Click on the category you are interested in to access and download forms. Most documents come in both HTML and rich text formats. Right click on the format you want to download the form. You can download forms without having to register with the site. However, some forms are only available to members of the site; you have to pay a membership fee to access these forms.

Top Paid Sites for Legal Documents

None of these free sites can even closely compare to the legal documents available on Legal Zoom, but this of course is a no brainer. You just aren’t going to get as good quality with a free form compared to a paid for like the ones available at Legal Zoom.

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